Wednesday, January 7, 2015


what a year 2014 was. big things happened. Derek changed jobs after being laid off and got a great job as an estimator in park city. which means, we move. so we sold our house. QUICK. for full price which was awesome. it was hard to leave our town and ward because they were pretty much the best. so we are living in spanish fork with derek's parents while we build our house in heber to be closer to derek's job. we are SO excited for the new house. SO SO excited. it's going to be beautiful. 2014 was a great and challenging year. we grew closer, learned lessons are were greatly blessed. we are SUPER excited for 2015. new town, new house, new baby. CANT WAIT! so we had to bring in the new year with a bang.
We planned a little party with the kids and let me just tell you. it was a LOT of fun. we had ballons for every 30 mins and had an activity for each one. the kids got to pop them and we played that activity for the 30 mins. till 830. bed time :) mom and dad's favorite balloon. we did puzzles, bubbles, balloon art, and the kids' favorite a glow in the dark dance party. we had a blast.

Merry Christmas 2014

Christmas is alwways so much fun. between Sophie's polar express parade, seeing the lights, christmas eve cookies, pj's and christmas day, we don't want the day to end. we love it. it was so much fun to have all the kids understand what was happening and that santa came. owen was totally with it this year. it was a blast.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

And baby #4 is....

A BOY!!! sorry abuela... yet another little man will join our family this coming april/may. little guy is measuring big by a week and is growing FAST. we are 99% sure we'll name him Maxwell Thomas Anderson. we are all SUPER excited he is healthy and can wait to meet him!!!

Noah Turns 4!!!

and just like that, Noah is a big boy. or so he thinks... My sweet little guy, who loves to cuddle his momma, loves school church and playing with his big sis. He is very much into transformers now which is nice since we've been stuck on cars for a while... he is a total sweetheart with a big temper. Although he seems to be getting better. He is sweet to everyone and can be very shy until he warms up to you. his eye lashes capture everyone's hearts. specially the ladies. ;) happy birthday big guy. we love you SO SO much