Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I swear I married the most amazing man. Derek has been such a great help during rough times with my retarded back and my pregnancy. He takes good care of me when my back starts to flip out and now this! When I came back to the office from picking up lunch for a meeting I had beautiful roses waiting for me! he is amazing! thank you sweetheart for thinking of me and being so sweet to me. You make me more and more greatful for marrying you every single day. I LOVE YOU! :)


alright PAULA! here ya go... since you call me everyday asking me about these. hahaha love ya!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Yet another Dr appointment...

So yesterday was my 16 weeks appointment and it was just another in and out thing. I was surprise to learn that I had only gained 1 lb since my last appointment 4 weeks ago because I eat like a COW! haha no really... I do. I heard the heart beat again and it was strong and steady! we have our ultrasound scheduled for Oct 22 to find out the baby's gender! We can't wait! we will for sure let you know when we find out and I'll get some pictures of my belly up (just for you Paula) haha

Thursday, September 13, 2007

While I was gone....

Derek got busy! he is such an amazing husband. He built me a cabinet from scratch! I love how handy he is... i still can't decide if i want to use it for our movies that are overflowing or for the baby... I guess when we decide we will decide what color to stain it! I guess he enjoys it enough that he could make more right? ;) love you babe! thank you so much for thinking of me and making me such an awesome surprise!!


So Jo and Ariel went to Hawaii and mom and I took over their kids and watched them for 5 days. it was surely a good preparation for when the baby comes! it was a blast and a nice break from everyday life. even though I missed Derek A LOT!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Congrats to Mandy and Derek Frazier who just had their baby girl TODAY!! I can't wait to see her!! love you two lots and wish you guys the bestest!