Monday, November 4, 2013


Halloween was a blast this year with both sophie and noah both knowing exactly what was going on. Owen was a trooper and was totally happy in the stroller just cruising around. we had a great halloween that started with Sophie's school parade, then her class party and then off with our traditional soup and soup bowls at the rassavong's and then off to trick or treating. We got uncle will to come with us and then visited the pirate ship that is put on by a captain in the fire dept every year in our area.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Last Wednesday one of Derek's friends asked us if we wanted to join their team for Saturday's relay race. we said sure why not. then I started thinking. wait... I've been only running about 10 miles a week and I just agreed to run 11 in one day? 3 which were STRAIGHT up a hill and 8.3 that were down hill. and I mean DOWN hill. turns out, it was GORGEOUS. the colors of the trees were SO SO vibrant. it was breathtaking. SO MUCH FUN and I made both my runs great. the 3 miles was SO much harder than the 8. the hill was brutal. but all in all, it was a GREAT Saturday of running. Derek had the hardest part of it all running one of his runs on a unpaved trail, with huge hills and all this for 10 miles. it was brutal. he described it as his "worst run EVER". but he made it and got an extra medal for doing so.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I have been blessed....

with the BEST 2 year old EVER. he is SO much fun to play with and he is SO SO SO good when I'm busy and he needs to entertain himself. I can do a project for 2 hrs and he will be SO GOOD and play with toys the whole time and be oh so great. Gosh I love him. His little face melts my heart and his looks kill me. I have no hope. He has got me wrapped around his little finger. I hope you never change little guy. He is my snuggler, SO caring, and so funny. I love spending one on one time with him every day while Sophie is at school and Owen sleeps. we have SO much fun. to his future wife I'd have to say, get in line honey, he's momma's :)

Let me tell you something...

Let me tell you something about this amazing little girl. She amazes me every day. she has the memory of a recording machine, and she is brilliant. She figures stuff out on her own and teaches us things daily. She is doing phenomenal in Kindergarten and is ahead of the class, like we thought she'd be. Her teacher always has to tweak her assignments to make them be harder. She can be such a light switch. Totally great one minute, and then like a switch, she is FURIOUS! she's just like me. she's got the Latin blood in her. and she has got TONS of friends and has people coming over and calling her to come play. it makes me SO happy. we love you Sophie. SO much. We can't wait to see you grow up to be an amazing woman.

Owen's 1st birthday party

For Owen's 1st birthday we had the whole family over and celebrated this little guy. we had a monster party, although I always do the 1st birthday pretty small. they're 1... we had lots of fun. his stats as of his 1 yr appt:
weight: 23lbs 5oz 80th %ile
Length: 30" 58%ile
Head: 19" 95% ile (expect anything different?)

he's walking, chasing his siblings, pointing and starting to want to talk. he is THE happiest most loving baby. His smile is contagious. he has 7 teeth and has NOW started to sleep through the night. bout time...


just like that, He's one. it flew by. he is ONE! and the cutest one year old I know.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Monday, September 2, 2013

11 months!!

I don't know if it's because he's my 3rd, but his 1st year has FLOWN!!!!! he's such a big boy. in every way. still sleeps like crap, but not too bad. I can't complain. SO laid back, got tubes put in 3 weeks ago. he's a sweetheart. loves his siblings so much. he can't wait to run and keep up with them. still working on the walking department... takes a few steps but not fully walking YET....

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


It still blows me away to think Sophie is already in school. But, we are super excited. she was SUPER excited to start and has bee counting down the days since May. She was great on her first day!! on her second...not so much. She cried and cried and wanted me to stay. But her Teacher is AMAZING and handled her perfect and got her to stay and have fun. When I went to pick her up she was SO excited to go back on Wed. She can't wait to go. again. So we will see how THAT goes. She was nervous. and tired. But that's something we can fix.