Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Rough Start

Our "little buddy" as Sophie calls him, sure has had a rough start in life. first it was the jaundice and dealing with all the poking and labs and lights and now this. this past Week Sophie came down with a cold, and then got me sick, and then Noah was the third victim... like always, Derek didn't get sick. He has an immune system of steel. I took both kids into the doctor on Monday to get checked out because I thought Noah was feeling warm and it was really making me worried. Turns out, he had a fever. and a bit of a high one, that had reached about 101 or 102.. or so my thermometer said. So the doc called the hospital in AF and he was admitted to see what was going on with him. He said they take fevers VERY seriously in the first month of life, due to high risk of infection and such. So they took a bunch of blood, urine and did a spinal tap on him to check him for meningitis. don't worry, he fell asleep during the whole thing. apparently they do spinal taps on infants different and they don't hurt.. PHEW. I was TERRIFIED about him being in pain. after a couple of days at the hospital and antibiotics and IV's and anti-virals he seemed good enough to go home. he broke his fever on Monday night so that was good. He came back positive for influenza A. so he got the flu. poor little man. bugs me that I have not gone ANYWHERE with him where he could have caught something. thanks nursery. no more of that. he is doing fantastic now. even gained weight at the hospital coming in at a whooping 9.5 lbs already doesn't even seem sick at all. thanks to many priesthood blessings from his daddy and lots of prayers from everyone. thank you!!!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


indeed. our little "buddy bear" (which is the nickname that has stuck with him...) has reached 3 weeks. holy cow. that was fast. he is above birth weight and free from jaundice. SO glad. he is waking up 2 times a night and sleeps pretty much all day. then he wakes up for a couple hrs and checks things out and wears himself out and sleeps the rest of the day. Sophie is doing PHENOMENAL with him. doesn't bother him, try to help too much and loves him to death. he is bored out of her mind of me and staying home but with play dates and outings she manages :) life as we know it is good. :) ok. I didn't realize how YELLOW he had gotten till I saw this picture. WOW. I'm glad he is not a chinese baby anymore.