Sunday, April 7, 2013

Owen is 6 months

Weight: 19.58 lbs. really? really....84th %
Height: 27" 65%tile
Head: 17.5" 81%tile

He's a big boy. rolling over, sitting up for a little while, eating LOTS, sleeps like CRAP, and drools. a lot.

Sophie's 5th Birthday party!

ARG Matey! what a fun party we had for Sophie this year. my biggest yet. LOTS, and LOTS of work, time and stress putting it all together. but it ended up being the funest one yet. I had a BLAST playing with the kids. having a treasure hunt and getting pieces of the treasure map together so we could look for the treasure. Which was a treasure pinata of course! Sophie had a blast. and so did all the kids. it was a big success :)