Monday, September 28, 2009


too bad she won't wear the captain hat that comes with the costume.... oh well...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yep. It happened.

Sophis is 18 months. and I cannot believe it! what has she been up to? what hasn't she? she now says over 40 words... and for your sake i won't start naming them one by one. she knows the sounds to 20 things like puppy, kitty, train, ball, snake, elephant, ducky, lion, fire truck, frog, bird, dinasour, monkey and some others... but my favorite is the horse... which is "yeeeeeeeee haaaw" to her. haha. he is putting phrases together now like "there you go" "I got it!", "you ok?" "thank you" "aaww maaan", "Take bath?", all done!, how nice!, "thats GOOD!"(when she eats something yummi) and so on... but her favorite..." whats that?!" she says it... ALL THE TIME. she wants to know what everything is... and then when I tell her what it is she says "hiiii". she can count to three and is still learning colors... for now everything is "green!". maybe she'll learn the difference soon...She weighs 23 lbs, 33 inches tall and still has a 99 percentile head :) she sings along to wheels on the bus and does the motions... of course she mumbles till the part comes and she says "round round" and "shut!"(for the open and shut part) and then finishes the song by saying TOOOOWN. she also likes head shoulders knees and toes. she does the motions to that one and says "toes" and "nose" and mumbles the rest. She know pretty much all her body parts and loves her feet. she hugs them everyday. she is getting to be a FUN FUN kid. she is so stinkin smart and has learned that time out is no fun. I will try to get her to sit still to videotape her saying some things and sounds but its just impossible to get her to sit still.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mom's 25th bday ;)

My mom celebrated her bday on the 9th. 09-09-09 to be exact... :) we had a bbq at my parent's house where sophie ate pretty much a whole cow by herself from all the meat she ate. she sure loves a good argentine bbq by abuelo. One of the member's in my dad's ward baked my mom an AMAZING cake. (which i decided he is going to bake sophie's 2nd bday cake since he's a baker and it was sooo soo good). Mom we love you and hope you had an amazing bday!! your the best! (thanks paula for taking picture and letting me steal this one from your blog:))

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dicovery Gateway

Well we spent the day at discovery gateway today and sophie had a BLAST. We went with my sister paula and a couple of our friends and kids. we played with water, sat on a horse, played in mini everything, and sat in a helicopter! it was a TON of fun and we are excited to go again... on monday... and next friday. HAAH and every friday after that. :) year passes rock. what a great gift.