Monday, March 31, 2014

Our days

these are what are days consist of lately...

Noah's 1st dentist visit

I must say, I am shocked at how well Noah did today. I think having Sophie go first for her check up made it easy for him. He sat, opened and cooperated. NO cavities! for either one of them!! Sophie also left Derek a TO DO check list for him since he was babysitting her baby doll "gracie" (grase as she spelled it) I love her...

Sophie turns 6!!

I am floored at the fact that my baby girl is SIX. she is one amazing little gal. she amazes us each and every day with the brain in that head of hers. its crazy how easily she can figure stuff out and teach herself. she is doing great at school and reading everything!! she has lots of friends and loves to go to school. she is in gymnastics and will start soccer in May. we love you baby girl!!