Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy 2 year anniversary to us!

Derek and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on memorial day. Since we couldn't go to Disneyland with Sophie we went to Vegas! we were helping our friends move down there so we took advantage and stayed at the NICEST hotel we have ever seen. everything was marble and amazing. here are some pictures of where we stayed. i was amazed at how nice it was so i took pictures. hahah ya. we don't do nice stuff often. you had to check in at the gate at the parking lot to even get into the hotel. and we were out of place cause we were young and in jeans. hahah it was amazing. and it was nicer than our apartment. there was a tv in the bathroom too! and the plasma tv was nice too. Sophie did great on the drive. we were oh so proud.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sophie's Blessing

last sunday May 18th we had the chance to bless sophie. it was such an amazing feeling having your husband bless your baby. Derek brought me to tears during it but i held it back (i mean... couldn't mess up my make up.. come on) haha it was amazing. im grateful to have a husband that is worthy to bless our baby. our family and friends came over for food and then we took some pics of our little family. of course our personal photographers debbie and will Duris took them and did an amazing job like always. thanks guys!!

Monday, May 19, 2008


So Sophie's aunt (Derek's brother's wife) made Sophie the CUTEST quilt ever. I kinda stole it from her cause I like it so much. hahhah ok no I didn't but I want to. It is just amazing. I LOVE IT! thank you Natalie for taking the time to make this quilt for her. we really love you lots!!! ( don't mind Sophie's white trash look.... she had just got back from a three mile walk and we were both hot) hahaha

Tummy time failure....

So Sophie is two months today. and tummy time doesn't work very well still. Everytime i put her down, she either falls asleep or she whines... so she still cant push herself up with her arms. she tries to arch her back and lifts her head that way... but what am I supposed to do!? she falls asleep!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy mother's day to me!

For my first mother's day derek got me a sweet jogging stroller that I wanted. Sophie LOVES going on walks and falls asleep everytime. now that the weather is warming up I can go out and walk. thanks derek for a great mother's day! also here are some pictures of sophie after her baths. she loves them now. and then after i get her dressed after them.... it takes a couple minutes for her to ZONK. no matter where she is. even if she is still on her changing pad. as you can tell... she doesn't like to be swaddled.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Sophie’s Blessing will be on Sunday May 18th at 1pm. It will be located at 1289 East 300 South in Provo. We will be having a little get together with light refreshments afterwards at my parent’s house up the road a little ways. We can give you their address that day. You are all welcome to come! Because if you care enough to check our blog we would love to see you there and share this with us!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

some pics of Sophie's little journey!

So here are some pics of Sophie... they are from when we brought her home to now... she is SIX weeks old! crazy. she is starting to smile and coo and she is in love with her daddy. when he comes home she flips out and starts kicking and waving her arms and smiles sooo big at him! and her dimples are still here! we will post more soon...