Sunday, July 27, 2008


ok that title doesn't make sense but I wanted to use it, ahahahha. anywho, Sophie got a new high chair this weekend! she is big enough for one now and she loves eating in it. I love it because I don't have to feed her in her swing anymore and wash the cover for it anymore. I can't believe she's already eating sweet potatoes and rice and everything! chicken and broth... not so much. she didn't like it.

a quick questions to all you mothers...

so I was wondering... when do you teach a baby to self soothe? is there a good age to start? I don't want to do it too early and scar sophie... just wondering... I don't want to spoil her... which I think I already do... haha but I don't want her to end up very needy when she is cranky...Let me know ladies! THANKS!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sophie's New Bumbo Chair

Sophie got a bumbo chair and she just loves watching the backyardigans in it. its hillarious. she gets hipnotized by that show. its a great babysitter when i need to get things done around the house. thank goodness for comcast on demand having the backyardigans... but i keep finding myself singing the songs even when i'm not watching it with soph.... great.

step 2 of 239857 haha

we dug our hole! I'm tempted to just put a tarp over the hole and live in it. hahah it didn't take very long to dig it and we are hoping to pour the footings soon after soil tests come back!

Friday, July 18, 2008


this is our lot where our house is going to be built. its now staked out and the hole is going to be dug on saturday. the sub division is brand new. there is only about 8 houses in our neighborhood. its SOOO quiet. It'll be nice to be out there in the open with NO ONE around. but luckly i have walmart 15 mins away. thats all i need. but dont worry it wont be quiet for long with us there.... next stage is coming! stay tuned!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


her little arms are strong enough to hold up her 99 percentile head. ahahahahha I'm sure glad she was a C-section.....

Summer fun!

Derek's sister Alissa and her husband Kurry took us out on their boat monday and it was a blast!!!! we left Sophie with grandma and went out in the afternoon. thanks to grandma we were able to go out. I don't know what we would do without grandma. we love you! and thank you soooo much again for taking care of sophie for us. we did some tubbing and wakeboarding. the kids got a little tuckered out after 5 hrs in the sun! thanks again guys for taking us out on your boat! we had a blast!!


so we think Sophie is teething. she hasn't been sleeping very well and she used to sleep through the night so we know something is up. also she has been drooling a LOT and being very fuzy which she never is. EVER! She cries in pain and when we gave her teething tablets she was a happy camper. My sister in law Alissa felt a little something in her gums. The Anderson family teeths early apparently because all of her cousins almost in the Anderson side started Teething at 3-4 months. LUCKY ME! so wish us luck! We go to the doctor next tuesday for her next shoots. so i'll be dealing with that and teething....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

getting big!

Sophie is getting so strong that she can sit up and stand up by herself (with a little help from the couch) she loves hanging out with dad and watching dora.

It's official!

we got a call from our loan guy today and he said that we are closing on our home loan on the 16th!!! yay! we are plannin on breaking ground right after that. Our house probably wont be finished until the end of December or January but I will be posting pictures of the whole process... the loooong process.


so we moved to a Lehi apartment while we wait for our house stuff to be ready to start building! we wanted to moved closer to eagle mountain so derek didn't have such a long commute to work and to the house. so we got out of our cave and moved to a third floor! its great to have daylight. and now finally I can give Sophie a bath in the bathtub. Sophie got a little pooped while we moved and fell asleep on our down comforter...

Ryan's birthday

so we went to Sakura which is a japanese stake and sushi place for ryans birthday. happy birthday to him! we love you buddy.