Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Sophie has become obsessed with dora. everytime we get in the car and her movie starts she yells DOOORA! and on the way back from St george she learned the dora song... which she is singing in this video... she loves it. and loves to read books with dad. she is getting to be quite the chatter box. her new word... "Jesus". she points at church and says "Jesus!" at all the pictures.(along with Coke, thank you which she says EVERYTIME you give her something haha, juice, down when she wants to get down... and many others. she waves and says "BYYYYE" everytime someone leaves the room... too cute. she is way too smart for her own good....we got it coming for us... payback time from our parents. HAHAH

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mom's day

we had a lot of fun spending time at my parents this mothers day. we love you momma! :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sophie's first BIG owie...

So we went to my parent's house for mothers day and we were playing out back on their patio... sophie has found it fun to climb up and down the stairs of their patio... now don't forget my parent's back yard is all brick and rocks and steps with rail road ties... sophie went to take a step up the second stairs and i grabbed her so she wouldn't fall and she missed her step and went face first into the rail road tie... oh my poor little puppy. she was in pain for a little bit but I always carry tylenol with me for her because she is a energizer bunny and never ever stops. so she was ok after a little bit... poop chewpee...but dont you worry she is back to her non stop self today... banging her head and face everywhere.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Oh how we needed a break from school and work and everyday life. So we went to st george with my sister paula and adam and emma and played. we went swimming for sophie's first time and she LOVED it. she is a little fish. we went to a wild life museum and sophie was growling at everything and sticking her finger in the deer's noses. we relaxed shopped ate and went to the movies. it was a NICE break. plus she did AWESOME on the ride over and back. not a single cry.