Friday, August 29, 2008

our little gymnist

This will make my friend Jenny proud.(which by the way Sophie LOVES her) we can't keep her in one place. she has now figured out how to backflip out of her boppy... ya. 5 months. Pray for me for when she's 2. all hell is going to break loose... she starts like this.... starts to launch away! and ends up like this... (ps: I swear she has clothes... she's just never in them at home... she is MESSY)

Chewbacca in the making

I swear Sophie is going to be one funny kid. she makes us laugh everyday.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

She has done it!

Sophie has learned to sit up on her own! yay for her. right after her 5 month "birthday". granted she can only do it for about a minute before she gets excited and kicks her legs and down she goes. but it is a big milestone for our cupcake. way to go soph!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

whats up doc?!

Can she get ANY CUTER?!!!!! her halloween costume is here. its a tiny bit big right now... but in two months it'll fit PERFECT!!! cant wait.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So this week Derek has had a break from the house while we wait to pour the basement floor on monday. So Him, his dad and brother went hunting up in Manti. Derek's dad got a deer! way to go guys! Dad wasn't THAT excited because he's gotten bigger ones but hey! he got one! the Tuesday the whole family went to lagoon! it was a BLAST!!! I haven't had that much fun for a while! the weather was perfect. it wasn't that hot, there was a breeze and there was shade everywhere. Sophie was AMAZING. she didn't cry ONCE! she behaved sooo well and had a blast! she was an angel. I'm glad we got to go because it was time off much needed!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Derek's birthday dinner

so for Derek's birthday we went out to dinner with some of our friends. we had a party of 16 so we made a reservation and we still had to wait an hour because the people sittin on our table wouldn't leave, so we all got free drinks. abuelo and abuela took care of sophie for us since we had dinner when her dinner time was. it was nice to spend time together without having to sit outside with a crying baby since she doesn't like it when she is not sleeping in her bed after 8. thanks buelo and buela for taking take of soph for us. we needed to get out!!! but we still love you soph...

Friday, August 15, 2008


Today is Derek's birthay and sophie drew him her first picture. all by herself. (she ate the end of the pen while it moved and wrote hahahah)happy birthday babe! thank you so much for all you do for us. we love you!!! ten reasons i married derek.... 10. he's a mans man. 9. he brings me ice cream. 8. he still thought i was hot when i was a pregnant cow. ahahah 7. he works REALLY hard to provide for our family. 6. my dad ADORES HIM. 5. He cracks me up. even when he makes fun of me... everyday! :) 4. He had an AMAZING family. i love them very much. 3. I find him very attractive. hahah its true. 2. He had a very strong spirit. and the #1 reason is.... that he makes me happier than anything in this world and I have never loved anyone as much as i love him. thanks love!

a couple updates...

so our house is coming along. we got the basement walls up and plumbing and we are gonna do the floor in a week or so. then after that framing begins... i think. also! Sophie can almost sit up by herself! i have to grab her hand so she doesn't face plant it when she's tired but she can sit up for a few minutes!!! way to go soph! she is going to be 5 months old next tuesday. she is a little trooper. and she also found her toes and aparently they are yummi.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

help me out here...

SO. I've been getting kinda bored at home all day and I wouldn't mind having some more money coming in everymonth so I've been looking for a job that I can do at home. like data entry, bookkeeping... anything i can do on the computer and not really be on the phone cause Sophie is around... so if any of you know of any jobs that I could do let me know! thanks!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

what's better...

what's better than your husband walking in the door after a 14 hr work day? when he walks in with a rose and some ice cream. Honestly. what makes a woman happier than a rose and ice cream? nothing. ok maybe diamonds. but you know, can't walk in with that once in a while. We rarely see eachother since we started building our house... so this just made it SO nice! thanks babe. love your guts. MISS YA

Monday, August 11, 2008


Isn't it funny how whenever anyone has a baby all their blog is about is their kids? hahah i'm just glad mothers check mine so they can answer my baby questions. So sophie tends to sleep mostly through the night... she wakes up at 8 eats and then wants to go back to sleep at around 930. but then she only sleeps for max of 40 mins or so. then she does that like 6 times a day. should i be stretching her so she takes less naps for longer? or is she too little and needs lots of naps? i've heard both ways. i've had friends who's kids sleep all day and some that sleep twice a day. let me know! thanks! ps: shes almost 5 months

Saturday, August 2, 2008

so this is why...

this is why babies shouldn't "blow rasberries" while they eat. It was clear up on her eyelid. its was EVERYWHERE. but she thought it was hillarious and had a great time making a mess.

Just like that?!!

you as some of you noticed by one of my previous blogs I have been gathering up the courage to start self soothing with Sophie. well. I did it. but it didn't turn out as i anticipated. I put her in her crib, she talks to herself for like 5 mins and then goes quiet... I go in to check. she's asleep!!! all by herself. no crying. no nothing. and now if i try to put her to sleep in my arms she throws a fit and gets all stiff so i can't hold her! its great. sad but great.

Oh Emma...

So paula and I got together to do some scrapbooking and catch up on our girls' scrapbooks and Emma joined in and made Sophie her personal scrapbook to put stickers on. I love it cause she was doing it like it was nothing new... totally normal. hahaha i love our girls.

An Afternoon up AF canyon...

So since Derek has been gone A LOT building our house we try to have a nice time when we ARE together. which is usually Sundays. unless he works. So Sunday after church we went up AF canyon to rest up a bit cause Derek is beat from building our house everyday after a 10 hr work day. he is such a trooper. thanks a ton Derek for building our little family an amazing house. YOUR THE BEST! here are some pictures we took cause we had nothing else to do. ahhaha

You know your in Eagle mountain when...

So where we are building our house I consider kind of the country. its pretty out there and there is a lot of big fields around and you see a lot of animals. WHICH I LOVE. and yesterday I was driving home after visiting derek at work and I saw this antelope sitting under a tree by the main road... ya. it was frikin hillarious! tons of cars driving by and he was just chilling. Funny story. thought i'd share.