Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mr. Noah is.. ONE!

wow...really? very much so. a very talkative, FUN, cuddly and feisty one year old. Don't take his toys away.... oh he'll let you know he did NOT like it. he learned that from his great teacher Sophie. Ask him for a hug? you got it. Nicest little guy, ever. Feels the need to talk and say "nom nom nom" as he eats. EVERY TIME. he absolutely loves toy cars. LOVES them. he is always carrying one around. he is SUCH a textbook kind of boy. I can't get enough of him. he crawls and stands everywhere, but we are not encouraging walking. LOL we can barely keep up with this tornado as he crawls. He is going to be one trouble maker. we love you little guy. you melt our hearts every day. we tried the whole cupcake thing again... didn't happen. he didn't touch it. but he sure liked his sucker. this is all he did....he grabbed it, and then when he realized it was sticky he wanted nothing to do with it.... I even broke it up for him...nothing. then rubbed the frosting everywhere.... but he sure did enjoy that sucker.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Noah's 1st birthday party

For Noah's 1st birthday party we had an orange and blue (for Chicago bears) football party! lots of food, lots of family. it was FUN! I made his personal cake. not perfect but hey.... it was my first try :) < that's ALL he touched it. wanted nothing to do with it. which is ok with me. less clean up. ;) and then everyone got a turn blowing out the candle. we had little ginger bread houses for the cousins to make as their treat box his new bears jersey Sophie claiming the toys her brother got for herself... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON THE 21ST LITTLE MAN!!! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Noah's 1st year pictures

my good friend Erica came over to my house and we did a mini photo shoot for Noah's 1st year. he's such a handsome fella. and of course... our little princess had to have some of the spotlight too ;)