Sunday, September 14, 2014


What a big year it's been for us! Sophie started FIRST GRADE!!! her teacher is perfect for her. super nice and has a safari class room. very fitting for Sophie. She LOVES school. bugs me every day "is it time for school yet!?" she has made lots of new friends and has lots of fun.
We sold our house and moved to spanish fork while our new house in midway is being built. So she had to start a new school, first grade, new church class and new neighborhood all at the same time. She is a champ.

Noah started PRE SCHOOL! luckily it's only a couple houses down, so it's very nice. He is always excited to go, until we get there. then he wants to go home. He's only gone a couple times, so hopefully he grows out of it. he is always happy and said he loves it when he comes back so I think he'll be just fine. He's been doing great in primary and goes to sunbeams just great.

Owen hangs out with mom :)

My little Sophie. isn't so little anymore!

Sophie learned to ride her bike on her own this summer, without training wheels and the reward was getting her ears pierced! she was a champ and looks adorable in her birth stone earrings.

Gymnastics girl

this little lady has turned into quite a little gymnast. She loves it. She does cartwheels around the house all day every day. she had a little show over the summer that showed all the hard work she's been doing. GO SOPH!

Sophie's Kindergarten Graduation

better late than never.... Sophie graduated Kinder as the "phonics Queen" of the class. she was so sad to leave her teacher Mrs. Davis. Can't blame her though. She was such a great teacher. a perfect fit for Sophie. She made lots of friends and learned TONS and grew so much during the school year. She finished reading at a mid first grade level and loving to read. She amazes me every day! her best friend during the year was Max a little boy from up the street. she says she's gonna marry him