Sunday, November 30, 2008


ok. choosing a fridge is almost as hard as picking out a pair of shoes. but i did it. i ended up going with a french door. it just seemed bigger and for the set up of our kitchen the side by side was not going to work. oh its so pretty i just love it! you can see yourself in it. haha sophie was laughing at it. i'm gonna have to figure out all the buttons on the ice dispenser though... who would have thought i had to read a manual for a fridge?! SO. here it is ladies! now.... i just gotta learn how to cook so i can put stuff in it... :)

Dancin' with Santa...

Friday, November 28, 2008

bye bye thanksgiving... helloooo christmas!

We had a great thanksgiving this year celebrating sophie's first thanksgiving. we were got to spend the whole holiday with the Anderson side of our family since my parents went to Argentina on a trip. we had a lot of fun and sophie really enjoyed playing with all her cousins. now.... BRING ON CHRISTMAS!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

and it begins.. or ends?

finishing touches are going into the house! our kitchen cabinets came in and the granite should be coming in next week so the kitchen will be more complete. the kitchen floor will probably be in by next monday. by the end of next week the house will look almost complete! and i FINALLY got a picture of sophie's teeth. hahah it was almost impossible. but i did it! she's got two bottom ones coming up... i caught her while she was playing with her rocking santa...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

got posts?

goodness. i just keep posting and posting don't I? I have been itching to read a good book. i like mystery books and scary ones... not mushy ones so much... i like dean koontz books and his style of writting. so if you have a good book you have read lately please share. my personal library is on vacation to hawaii and she is usually the one who tells me the good books. :) ps: and don't say twighlight. ahahah

Friday, November 21, 2008

so i took her to the doc...

she has an ear infection to go with this nasty cold... :( poor chewpee

An amazing sight

so as I mentioned before sophie is really sick. she has a nasty cold and cough... its her first time being sick so we are kinda scratching our heads at what to do... thank goodness for my sisters and adam (paula's husband... my personal on call doctor) so last night when sophie was just crying and crying in agony of feeling like crap and not being able to sleep we were just clueless of what to do next. we gave her medicine, humidifier, raised her head... Everything they tell ya to do... and she was still screaming... so we went to the best choice. a blessing. derek put his hands on her head and as soon as he said her name she calmed down instantly and went to sleep. it was amazing. it seems that everytime derek gives me or her a blessing i cry at the strong spirit I feel and to see his priesthood be able to bring comfort and peace to sophie was probably the best thing ever. it made me realize how lucky i am to have this in our home. the priesthood is an amazing power that i seem to take for granted at times. Derek, thanks a LOT for being worthy of this great blessing and being able to bless soph last night. arent we lucky to have this in our homes and our lives so we can even call someone when we need it? :) ps: mothers... any tips on making sick babies happier are very welcome!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

my little chewpee is now 8 months old... and sick.

so chewpee... as emma likes to call her... turned 8 months wednesday. and she is sick as a dog... poor chewpee... its her first time being sick so i'm babying her. she is having a rough time sleeping at night cause she is so congested... but she will get better soon. she loves to help me with laundry now and she is about to crawl... she has taken a few face plants. she is starting with the army crawl and is lunging forward from sitting up. She luckly has gotten past her fear of everyone. and now laughs at everything and everyone. when i'm on the phone and i laugh she laughs too. she cracks us up. she does random things and loves her dancing santa grandma got her. love your bones soph! or chewpee....

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas is HERE!

ok. so if you know me well you know i'm OBSESSED with christmas. I put my decorations up November 1st. one month for christmas is just not enough. so i do two. however since we are moving mid december I couldn't put my stuff up because then i'll have more to pack. and I have enough. its been killing me. so to get into the spirit of christmas Paula and I went to Layton to the mall and took a santa picture. Sophie got to meet santa. she loved him! she sat there and smiled at him and stared at his beard. then we took a picture of her waving her arms with her candy cane. it was fun! Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I NEED OPINIONS LADIES! (not you men. haha)

ok. so. I am trying to decide on what kind of refrigerator I want to buy for my new kitchen. I am torn between a side by side or a bottom freezer one. I like how the bottom freezer one makes the fridge nice and wide and you can see everything in there really well. the freezer drawer has a couple drawers inside of it so it keeps the freezer organized even though its a big drawer. the side by side is nice because you have lots of shelves but you can't fit anything big in there... but the freezer seems to be bigger... tell me what kind of fridge you have and tell me if you like it or not and what you like and don't like about it... I'm leaning torwards a bottom freezer one... so if you have one and HATE it let me know too. thank you ladies!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

HOLY COW! (literally...)

so I was going through all my pictures of sophie and I found the "sophie pregnancy" folder.... oh no.... and I found this picture of when i was 38 weeks... oh momma. I GOT HUUUUGE!!! how did I walk!?! not to mention I went 3 weeks after this... becuase Sophie came a week late... oh momma.... my smile looks kinda like I'm saying... "I'm smiling but really I want this thing OUT! please help me!" hahahah oh the joys... I loved it though. so I'll do it again... and again... and again. and thats it.

Friday, November 7, 2008


they put our stucco color on today! yay! although the trim (around the garage, front right window and archway) is not done yet. they are going to put a darker color on it. a darker tann. I am SOOO excited now! the house is looking like a house! our finish material is here (baseboard, doors etc etc) and my dad in law will start on that this Saturday! I will start taking pictures of the inside once the finish work starts going up. because the outside is pretty much DOOOOONE! (sorry the picture quality is not the best... I forgot to take my camera and they were taken with my phone... )

Monday, November 3, 2008

Soph's first halloween

for halloween Derek and I went rabbit hunting and got the cutest rabbit around. Here are some pics. :)