Tuesday, August 30, 2011

gotta love...

the outings to the mall with the cousins... where we get NO shopping done.... I don't even know why we bother. oh well. it's so much fun for the kids. so I guess that's why we bother. who needs to spend money right? ;)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

we are now....

the proud parents of an 8 month old little boy.... with teeth. :) two bottom teeth have made their appearance today. on his 8 month birthday. two little holes in his gums... one poking his little head out. He's been a champ. Noah is SO close to taking the plunge for crawling we can smell it! he eats like a machine. weighs in at around 19lbs. rolls around the house. is SUPER vocal when he wants something. is the nicest, sweetest, happiest baby I've ever met. Love you little man. happy 8 month bday.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Enjoying Summer....while it lasts

Summer is almost over, So we are taking advantage of the sun and having some water fun along with it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy 29th to Mr. Anderson

Happy birthday to my sweet husband. Yesterday. We were SO busy playing I didn't have time to blog. We started out our day by dropping the kiddos off at grandma's house (PS: thank you SO much grandma Anderson and Kayla for watching the kids. SO SO SO MUCH!) we drove up to park city, which may I mention, was SO nice to drive. It rarely happens that we get to take a beautiful, long drive together and just chat. We rode the alpine slide and zip line and had SO much fun! it was SO fun to play. just us two. Then we met up with Travis and Natalie for lunch (again, thank you SO much for buying us lunch you two...) and then went and shopped around in park city outlets. headed home, picked up the kids and went out to dinner with grandma and grandpa and kayla (and thank YOU gma and gpa for DINNER! geesh, we sure did get spoiled) and then went home and put the kids down and RELAXED some MORE! seriuosly? what a PERFECT birthday we had for Derek. it was SO much fun. I wish I could fly him to mexico for the day or something huge like that because he deserves it ALL. he works SO hard and is so amazing at always searching for something better to make our life better. thank you Derek for being an amazing dad, husband, friend, best friend, nerd, son, brother, and brother in law. we love you. very very VERY much. :) One of our zip line rides. Derek beat me, every time. apparently the heavier the better... Derek took this of me, but unfortunately he took it AFTER I was done making my sweet old lady face. Derek's beautiful round head... oh and a nice view behind us...