Saturday, November 19, 2011


to post these. and it's mostly for our parents. who don't do facebook. because I put them on there and then forget to put them on here. and they were SUCH great pics that I couldn't forget. so here they are. our Gardner village trip back in OCT with some friends. SUCH a blast! NO. we didn't tell her to do that.... she stuck her finger in there and then smiled. ya.... this is BY FAR one of my FAVORITE pics of Sophie. it shows HER. her smile, her kind eyes and how much she LOVES horses. just like her momma. :)

when life hands you lemons...

Make a fort and hang out in it... Or... take a nice warm bath... OR bake a cake and lick all the frosting left over.... yep. that should do it.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Disney on Ice

what...a.... BLAST! all 3 kids sat through the WHOLE THING! we decided this year to buy my parents tickets to the show as my mom's bday present. it's as close as we can get to Disneyland right now and it was GREAT! We left Noah with a good friend of mine Erica (which may I mention, is the baby whisperer...) and she put him right to bed and I did not worry about him ONE BIT! it was VERY enjoyable without having to worry about a wiggle bug baby. specially when the show started at bed time.... intermission fun... Sophie was out of it at the end. it was SO late for her. hahaha hence the out of it face. ok she wasn't really that out of it. she just pulls faces....

Friday, November 11, 2011

Hhhmmm.... I wonder who stole my camera....

don't you just wanna eat these cute little toes?! by of her favorite thing to do.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Turkey time

with thanksgiving QUICKLY approaching, we are surely getting ready around here...and on a boring "everything is clean and we have no errands to run" kind of day, this is what we do. even though this is probably one of about 2 things "thanksgivingly" we are gonna do.... because around here....Christmas comes right after Halloween.... a little paint, googly eyes, string, and cute little hands and voila. you have a morning activity for your pre schooler. :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

trick or treat!

that almost wasn't! Sophie did something to her leg about an hr and a half before we were going to go trick or treating with some friends... she came crying from the bathroom and we have NO idea what she did. but she wouldn't walk on it, bend it or put any weight on it for a good 2 hrs and was screaming if she moved or bent it.... we almost spent Halloween at the ER. which i'm glad we didn't go to, since when we got out trick or treating, it started to get better and better. we pushed her in a stroller for a little while, then she started limping around and by the end of the night she was jumping off of stairs after collecting her "candy taxes" what a FUN night we had. it was PERFECT! perfect weather, Babies slept through most of it, Derek made a little kid cry, lot of great candy, no meltdowns, out with our best friends and great costumes everywhere. it was... a very happy Halloween. we started out the day with sophie's pre school halloween party that I helped at. that was a fun morning. Sophie took this picture... Finally got feeling good enough to walk out of her "wheel chair!" Sophie and her "stash" she was very proud of.