Saturday, December 22, 2012


he's two alright... he is acting like a textbook 2 year old. and that's all I'll say about THAT... he's our big boy now. he's talking a lot more and doing a lot more. he does EVERYTHING Sophie does. textbook boy. loves cars, being rough, screaming and getting dirty. we love him. SO MUCH. he is such a snuggler and a sweetheart. always looking out for others and absolutely adores Owen. we love you little guy. keep us smiling.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Owen is 2 months!

This little guy is growing by the day. he is up to 12.5 lbs last time they checked, and is strong as can be. he can hold up his head and is smiling and talks all day. we can't get enough of him. except for when he goes on a crying streak... then we can. ;) the kids are doing great with him. they help me SO much when he cries and they get his pacifier and rock him to calm down and I'm in the shower or cooking or something. Noah wakes up every morning asking for him. he LOVES him. I think they are gonna be great buddies growing up so close in age.

Thanksgiving 2012

we hosted thanksgiving at home again this year and it was a success! we are not big fans of turkey, so we opted for a ham. which was delicious. and everyone enjoyed a fun day off :)