Friday, October 5, 2012

Owen has finally arrived!


I guess I shouldn't say "finally" since I was only 38 weeks. but gosh those last weeks seem to drag on for months. I went in for my 38 week checkup with bags packed, people "on call", and my house clean and ready for a newborn. I knew that I was gonna be able to talk my doc into inducing me a week earlier than scheduled ;) when I was at a 4+ dilated at the appt he agreed to let me go into labor and delivery after he stripped my membranes. by the time I got checked at labor and delivery I was already a 5+ and when he broke my water I was already to a 6+. all withing maybe 45 mins. Dr. England suggested I get my epidural asap cause things were moving right along and very quickly and decided to skip petocin cause my body was having no problems dilating. I was having a few "braxtons" but then the doc told me those were actually really good strong ones... apparently I have "good contractions" for a few weeks before delivery then cause I had those kind a lot. anyway, the epidural came and stopped everything. no contractions or anything. and lowered my blood pressure super low and dropped Owen's heart beat so I was a bit nervous about ending up having another c-section. but a bit of medicine got me out of lala land and made the room stop spinning. we started petocin and the contractions got me ready to push in about an hr. after about 8 mins of pushing and 3 contractions little Owen Drake Anderson was here at 7lbs 15 oz and 19.5 inches long. and he was SO BRUISED. Nurses said it looked like he had the cord wrapped around his neck and got all bruised up and it's why his heart would dip every time I had a contraction.

After only a couple hrs the bruising started to go away completely and was pretty much all gone in a day. and his HAIR! we are all in LOVE with his hair.

Owen and I stayed at the hospital till Tuesday and went home and have been loving being at home. the kids have been super sweet to him and leave him alone which is fantastic. it has been so busy around the house that I have NO idea how I'm gonna do it when Derek goes back to work! we'll manage I guess.