Monday, January 14, 2013

Owen's Baby blessing

On Jan 6th we blessed Owen with our friends and family. I'm so glad for Natalie and my friend Brittany for taking notes of the blessing. it's hard to remember it and I had Noah with me so it was hard to pay close attention. I kinda wish I would have written the other kids' blessings on my blog so I'd remember... oh well. live and learn :)

Owen's blessing pointers:
Owen you will bring honor to your family and Heavenly Father
your older siblings are an example; love each other and seek to help them
you will have the opportunity to serve a mission and you will have the strength to bless others
Heavenly Father will guide you, and you will be a powerful missionary
you will wed in the temple and have children and enjoy the blessings of the temple
you will be a strength to your Heavenly Father on earth
seek and adhere to your mother's council for she is wise and understands the Lord.
follow the example of righteous men through your genealogy and seek them out.
your name is a strength

I'm so grateful for Derek and his strong spirit and his worthiness to bless our babies.

Christmas 2012

I'll be honest. It wasn't our favorite Christmas. With Derek having to work both Christmas eve, Christmas eve night and Christmas it kinda sucked. BUT, it was still a great Christmas. at least he was able to be home and open presents with us and our parents were around for the morning and the day. We went and visited Derek at work for a little while too. The kids were so much fun and Sophie really knows whats going on now so it made it that much more fun. Owen enjoyed his first Christmas sleeping most of the day. and the kids loved all their new toys!