Friday, January 3, 2014

Family Pics 2013

let me just say, my brother is a very patient man. and my boys, are IMPOSSIBLE to photograph. the end.

Christmas 2013

Probably our best Christmas YET! it was so refreshing to have Derek home and not at work. with the kids getting older it was SO fun!!!!! We were lucky enough to have uncle Will with us on Christmas morning and that made it more fun. We spent the day playing with new toys, eating lunch with buelo buela and Will and were LAZY all day. it was perfect.


We love December around here. full of holiday fun, Noah's birthday and snow!


oh what a fun party we had! of course we had to do a firefighter party for Noah. He LOVES IT. we had lots of fun with friends and the fire dept that came by to show the kids the fire truck. Noah is SUCH a 3 yr old boy. tantrums ALL DAY, cars, car and more cars. dirt, fights, yelling, crashing, running. typical 3 yr old boy. we love him SO SO MUCH. He is my designated cuddle bug. he LOVES to snuggle and I love it. every bit of it.