Wednesday, October 13, 2010

28.5 WEEKS

let the ballooning begin! this is when I start to grow.... by the second...

Pumpkin Fun

We picked up some pumpkins for Halloween this past week and painted them for FHE. We were gonna do the whole pumpkin patch thing, but with Derek just having had surgery, and me 7 months pregnant, walking around in the mud wasn't a great idea.... so off to smith's we went. :) Sophie didn't care. she was super excited to paint them. and she had a blast doing it. She even wanted to pick one out for her brother. I LOVE FALL.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My gallbladder-less husband

So just a couple weeks ago Derek started to get really sick when he ate anything heavy on the stomach. He would get super nauseous and would have horrible stomach pains. Last Sunday it got SO bad that we took him to the ER where they did a bunch of tests and x-rays. his organs looked OK but his blood tests were a bit off. His tests showed that his gallbladder was not filtering like it should... after he was sent home he felt OK. Monday he thought he had a light dinner, but boy was he wrong. He was up again all night and so we moved a test they were doing on Thursday to that Tue. The test showed that his gallbladder was only working at about 25% which the lowest of normal is 38%. On wed night he was in terrible pain again and this time it didn't stop. So we saw a surgeon on Thursday morning, and Thursday at 1pm his gallbladder was gone. he did great and is feeling MUCH better. he had his first real meal yesterday, which his stomach didn't like too much, but it didn't cause the pain or discomfort it did. It'll take a little bit for his body to get used to the change but we are SO glad he is doing better. We really enjoyed having him home all week, even though it was under those circumstances. but we sure are glad he is all better! Back to his old self :)