Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We decided to take advantage of the nice weather (before winter decided to come back...) and head to the zoo. Sophie... LOOVED IT. we had a blast. she was making animal noised the whole time and loved the train ride. like always.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sophie singing

Sophie has started this new thing where she sings... she doesn't say a word in her songs. hahah she just rambles on and on... and then if she sees something she'll slip the word into her song. HAHAHA (like in this songs she sees her new curtains and slips that in and her chair...) Don't mind her pantless appearance. :)

sophie sings at 2 from maqueca anderson on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

This is why Men have wives....

... so they have someone to do the bragging for them...HAHA But mostly to make them realize how amazing they really are. Derek received the "student excellence award" from UVU building inspection department. Each department picked one student who stood out and did a fantastic job during their school carreer. I'm glad to know that I wasn't the only one who thought that :) (of course other than our family) The board and chairmen all get together and choose students with this potential and Derek's name was chosen in his department. What a great honor to be this man's wife. He is outstanding in all he does and goes a mile above and beyond of what he is required to do. He is always looking for something else to learn and keep busy with. Derek you are an inspiration to me and you amaze me with everything you do. I LOVE YOU. :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


my little sophie is all grown up... you know what she said to me today? this is how it went... Sophie: mom? have cookie? ME: you gotta wait till after dinner and then you can have a cookie SOPHIE: eat first. then have cookie. gotta be patient. WHAT?!!! seriously?!!! did my 2 year old just say those exact words?! and I know she didn't learn it from me. because if i want something, i want it NOW. Gotta give credit to the show "little bill" on nick jr. she has an episode where little bill wants to see the elephants at the zoo and has to be patient to see them at the end of the trip. proof that TV sometimes makes a better teacher than me. HAHHAHHAA THANK YOU LITTLE BILL! PS: sophie is now pacifier free. it flew into the sky today escorted by two balloons. and we told her that "pete" went home to see his mom and dad. she did REALLY well with the whole thing. she is not mad at us for taking it because we didn't take it. he just went home. hang on to your horses for a few hard nights to come :D she wanted her baby to go potty with her.... AND have a book. (in St. George last week talking to the cute boy down the hall on the phone)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


What a FUUUN easter we had. We had the Anderson side of the family up to our house and had a DELICIOUS... OOOH DELICIOUS prime rib. it was amazing. can't get over it. Dad anderson did a superb job cooking it. always does. prime rib master. after dinner we had a little easter egg hung for the cousins. we stuck all the kids in the play room and hid the eggs. when we called all the kids out sophie came out in her high heal princess shoes, pearls, and basket in hand. she was ready. and ready in style. she loved hunting for eggs and had a blast with all her cousins. she loves playing with them and its SO nice because we get adult talk time. she enjoyed her easter basket full of eggs, dinasours, new dora toothbrush and Jesus picture and other stuff. what a GREAT easter. Don't these two look SOOO alike? its her cousing Khloe. :)