Thursday, March 24, 2011


Derek completed his first HALF MARATHON on Sophie's 3rd birthday! we went down to Moab where the race went down a beautiful canyon. WHAT A MACHINE! he trained for weeks and ran to the moon and back doing so. he completed it in just under 2 hrs at 1hr 56 mins. the wind was blowing like CRAZY and they were running against it. what strength. amazes me. someday I'll get there. after a LOT of training. Paula and Adam did it too and came in at about the same time. My parents came along for a mini vacation and to cheer on the troops! GOOD JOB GUYS!!!! Derek's next half will be in June. at the Utah valley marathon. Dinner the night before with Buela and Buelo sporting daddy's race hat giving dad a pep talk the night before. Heading out to the race! they had a killer playground that we spent a little time in waiting for dad to arrive yards from the finish line!! WAY TO GO DADDY!!

Monday, March 14, 2011


WHY NOT?! we celebrated Sophie's 3rd birthday this year with polka dots! it was SOO fun! we invited all cousins and Sophie's friends and we had a BLAST! I rented a huge inflatable slide that was a HUGE hit for the party. it might just be a tradition to get one of those for her party every year! what a fun and relaxing party it was. all the kids were outside going up and down the slide, while all the grownups were chatting inside. it was fantastic! I had a friend of mine do the cake (thanks again Stacy!!) and it was delicious AND cute! I love throwing parties... I love this picture. not only did we capture sophie in the act of blowing the candles, but her friend Bentley looks totally pissed of for some reason.. LOL she wasn't... but she looks it :) Missing from the kids picture are Luca, Khloe, gideon and Brehmin. She was saying "OOOH my gooosh!!!" Sophie wanted to go down on our tummies together. LOL it was fun. If you look closely, you can see Emma (Sophie's twin cousin) pushing her up... by her butt. HAHAH)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blessing Day

Sunday (March 6th) Derek blessed Noah. and it was a beautiful blessing. I love hearing Derek's blessings. they always sounds like they are coming straight from the spirit. I'm blessed to have such an amazingly strong husband with an amazing spirit.