Thursday, January 29, 2009

Her first sucker

I broke down and gave her candy. but only after she finished her chicken nuggets. since thats the ONLY thing she will eat. she throws everything else on the floor. and the madness begins...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

AAAAAAAH Friday the 13th!!!

OK. So I just realized that I have booked a flight on friday the 13th... Derek is going to Reno for a school competition so I decided that Sophie and I were gonna go to Arizona to visit my sister... but I didn't realize that I am flying back Friday the 13th.... this has almost always been a BAD day for me... will my plane crash? haha prob not. last friday the 13th I hit a guy on a motorcycle with my car... eek. Don't worry he was ok enough to call me all sorts of colorful names. haha really. but then again, last friday the 13th I found out i was pregnant with sophie... hm. so what will it be? day from hell or a really good day? maybe sophie will be AWESOME on the flight back? or one of the children of the corn? we'll see.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History in the making

I was able to sit at home today and get totally addicted to watching our 44th president and first African American be inaugurated. I have to admit, I haven't liked him from the start. and if I would have known that I had to re-register every time you move I would have voted for Mccain. However, after watching him speak today and watching all of the events throughout the day I was quite impressed with him and got a good feeling. Granted, every new president promises change and that they are going to change things immensely.... but I actually think he will... we will have to see how he does. What a great event to watch today! I am glad I'll be able to tell my children that I watched the first African American be sworn into office. I am grateful to be in this country and that my parents decided to bring us here for a better life and that is all we've gotten! thank you mom and dad for your sacrifice and God bless America!

Monday, January 19, 2009

10 months old!

holy mother of pearl. I cannot believe Sophie is 10 months! it has gone tooo fast. we are just loving this age. its way too much fun and she has such a personality. she loves to play mario kart with dad on the wii. she loves to be the center of attention and she will do anything you ask her to on command. her vocabulary now consists of baby, mommy, dada, owie, papa, peekaboo (which she says aboooo) thank you, fish, and some other ones that i can't think of. she plays patty cake and says "think think think" and pats her head hahah she got that from tigger and pooh. she crawls and stands up EVERYWHERE and has her collection of bruises on her head. she can stand on her own for a while and loves to walk with some help. she LOVES chicken nuggets with ketchup and loves brocolli believe it or not and green beans and califlour and cant get enough of wafles. she is done with baby food, she doesn't like to eat it much and rather feed herself. she loves to play with her cousins and could play for hours. any time she sees a baby she says "baby" and giggles and wants to poke their eye. ahahhah we love her to death and she makes us laugh all day. she's got two teeth on the bottom and she just got one of her fangs and the other one is about to break through. we are gonna call her our little vampire.

Friday, January 16, 2009

up up and away!

Ok. so I need ideas ladies. I am flying to Arizona next month to see my sister Macaia (YAY!) while derek is in Reno for a school competition. so I will be flying alone with Sophie... mistake? hahah I hope not! so I am looking for ideas to entertain her in a plane for an hr and a half. keep in mind she has a hard time sitting still. she wants to go go go. so it has to be very interesting for her to sit still. hopefully the flight is not full and I have an extra seat next to me. thank you!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

sushi anyone?

Ok. I have to say. I have been missing out. I have been VERY hesitant about trying sushi before... I have tried to eat it twice before and it went on my tounge and right back out before I even closed my mouth. Friday night Derek and I went out to dinner for our date night and we went to a japanese place and Derek ordered the Sushi. it looked pretty good! so our waitress rigged some chop sticks for me with a rubber band so i could hold them hahah ( really, she did) and I tried it. it was spectacular! I have to say I have been craving it ever since. I am glad Derek made me try it. cause I ate half of his roll. hahah. it was really good. so from now on... you can count on me for sushi!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


OH MY GOSH LONGEST TWO WEEKS OF MY LIFE!!! OR WAS IT 3? I swear... not having internet makes you feel very unconected. VERY! well we are back! let me catch you up because I have been getting a lot of requests for an update... :) first of all... we moved into our house! we are just LOVING it! its so nice to finally be in a place we can call our own. we love it. even though the walls are naked and everything feels like something goes there... we'll get there! and sophie is sure loving it. she has lots more room to crawl around in. crawl?! yes. she finally crawled! she started this last sunday so exactly 9.5 months. she sure took her time! she is cruising. in three days she has gone from going slow to going everywhere and climbing up on things. nuts. she is getting her two fangs... so she'll have two bottom teeth and fangs. hahahah so funny. let me share pictures update by update... first off some pictures of our house.... this is the view of the living room from the dining room this is one of my favorite things of our house.. my little mud room area. i LOVE it. the view of the living room from the front door entrance this is what i could fit in the picture of our master bath second bath and sophie's naked nursery that i haven't really decorated yet. and our entry way.... I didn't take a picture of the master bedroom cause it was just impossible and i wasn't going to take a picture of just my bed.... and the other bedroom is still empty. SO. I guess i better have another kid. HAHAH NOT! anywho and my favorite part of this house.... the amazing view... EVERY EVENING! i stare at this from my back windows every single evening while drinking a diet coke. haha no joke. i really do. anyway. enough about the house! lets move onto better things... lets say christmas!!!? it was soo fun. sophie had a blast and loved all her presents. she loved riping the wrapping paper of her dad's presents too eating pie with grandpa... I love how she's looking like she knows she shouldn't be but knows she can cause she's with grandpa. hahah here she is the first day of crawling... she has gotten ten times better in three days. its so nuts to me how fast they pick things up! wow that was a post and a half. congrats if you made it through the whole thing.