Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Pool Play Date

So we decided to get together with a few friends and have some summer fun. and let me tell you. it was a BLAST. it was a nice break to hang out with the ladies and let the little ladies hang out too. thank goodness for backyards!! we also did some crafts this weekend when the weather was poopy. and sophie just LOVES to paint.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Good way to start a week!

So many of you didn't know this, some of you did... but we are expecting again! due to last time's oopsie we decided to see the doctor before telling everyone. and thats what we did today! we saw the baby, heard the heartbeat and got a HUUUUGE sigh of relief. looks like everything is GREAT with this one! made me feel SO much better when he said "once we hear the heart beat, the chance of miscarriage drops to 5%" (PHEEEW) so we are very optimistic about this one. I'm 9 weeks along and feeling VERY pregnant, sicker than I was with sophie and looking pregnant too. the baby is measuring a couple days bigger and the heart beat was super strong and very promising! we couldn't have done this without all your prayers so THANK YOU! for your love and support! Baby anderson #2 coming 1/11/11 :)