Saturday, September 27, 2008

The roof is on.... fire?

no. but I thought of the song...haha our shingles are on! and I could not be more relieved that the color turned out. PHEW! I was worried because you have to choose from a sample thats like 2 feet wide so its hard to really see what it'll look like. although you can't really see the color very well it turned out good. Its got a very warm brownish redish grayish color... get it? hahah it looks gray on the picture. but its not. you can kinda tell the color where the sun hits on the garage. the heating and cooling is done for now and most of the plumbing too. Our windows and doors have arrived and we will install them on monday. So you will probably see some more pictures next week!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Our house is nearly done being framed. just the finishing touches here and there and we are DONE! with step number 4 of 239283. Derek and his dad have been working incrediby hard and I have no idea how to thank them enough. The house is looking great and looking like a house now! its amazing how much stuff I have to pick out. I'm going crazy but I am getting so excited to get our house put together. hopefully I can make it look normal. we will keep you updated! Next is the shingles and electrical! a view from the front... somewhat. (trailer is in the way) the front entrance... a side view of the garage... a view of the back yard and the back of the house from our back property line...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy 1/2 birthday Soph!

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Soph turned 6 months on the 19th and we cannot believe it. She is getting HUGE! she can now sit on her own and can grab and reach for anything. so goodbye earings for a while... she LOVES to play in the tub. She rolls over and scoots all over the place but on her back. she HATES being on her tummy so we are working on it... she loves to dance to the backyardigans and goes crazy every time a song comes on and starts kicking all over. its hillarious. She talks all day long... of course she gets that from her dad... hahahha and throws a FIT if you take a toy away... she is just getting more and more fun by the minute. She has a tooth that comes up and down an still hasn't broken through... she LOVES to walk backwards on her walker and drive her "jeep". we love you Soph and are glad your in our crazy family. you fit RIGHT in.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Walmart... what an "amazing" place.

Well we all go to walmart. if you haven't you must live under a rock or something or i guess you can afford to go somewhere better. I do have to admit. they DO have just about everything and it IS usually cheaper... but sometimes... I rather go somewhere else. I really get so stressed out everytime grocery shopping day comes... it all starts in the parking lot where there is ALWAYS room in the front... well at least for the handicapped. sometimes I think I should break something to get a decent parking spot that I don't need to bring a water bottle to make it on the walk to the front door... that is if I make it past the cart runner that wears a helmet and I swear tries to run me over everytime with his train... the greeters are always welcoming when they look at you from their cozy chair and look somewhere else when you look at them... such a warm welcome... and hopefully you NEVER have to use the restroom there... sometimes like today you just HAVE to. I have held it all through grocery shopping before and sped walked all through the store to make it back home and use my own restroom... today. was not that day. I HAD to go. that's when I got really grateful for walmart... nothing better than stepping into a nice crap smelling bathroom with a very "iffy" looking door that you dare not touch and push with your feet... then have to wait for the big stall because you don't fit in the little one with a car seat... so you have to take in the "fresh" air... after 5 mins (no joke) the lady came out... after putting down 4 seat covers i get done and listen to the wonderful sound of the person in the next stall clipping their fingernails... no joke. clipping their fingernails in a public bathroom... i'm at a loss for words... I hold my breath while washing my hands and push the door open with my paper towel... again almost to be ran over by the sweeper wearing a helmet. ( no joke. they really are wearing helmets) I still speed walk through the isles to prevent getting so stressed by the relief society meeting in the baking isle and blocking the isle while sharing baking secrts... finally I make it home and try to carry 12 bags up 3 flights of stairs with sophie in the baby bjorn. but that's when walmart's amazing quality shows and my bags break from being .001 mm thick and my groceries go rolling down the stairs... how do they know that I love chasing my tomato sauce down the stairs with my baby on my stomach and 6 other bags in my hand?! I DO NOT know! I LOVE WALMART. they sure do make it a great experience. I think they have me thinking target? smiths? albertsons? we will see... I think next family vacation we will be spending at good ol wallie world and not Disneyland because its now the new "happiest place on earth"

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Baby Picture Contest!

Ok. so. you can tell that I'm bored.... I was looking through the pottery barn kids website to exchange my diaper bag because after one month it already ripped... ya. but don't you worry... they are sending me a new one and letting me keep my other one so its good with me! i was also looking to get ideas on how i want soph's nursery at our house... (still have no idea... Natalie, I will need your help on this one babe) anyway, I came accross a baby picture and it said they are doing a baby picture contest! you send in your picture and if they pick yours your baby will be shown on their website and on their catalog... I'm sure (or at least HOPE) we get something else too... so I HAD to send this picture that one of my personal photographers Debbie Duris hahah (my sis in law) took. its an amazing picture. they truly are amazing photographers. check out their website

Friday, September 5, 2008

2 updates!

so the house is almost done being framed. the only thing left to do is finish putting plywood on the garage doors and put the roof on... we are hoping to finish it all by next weekend when we can get a big crane for the truses... also Sophie is sitting up for good! she is doing an awesome job and sits up VERY well. she has a ton of fun playing with her toys around her when she is sitting up. she goes for minutes at the time until she tries to reach for something really far away and takes a tumble...

I can't keep up!

Ok. I seriously CANNOT keep up with Derek and his dad. they started framing the house this week and now... its pretty much done! these pictures are a day old... i went to take more pictures today and my camera was dead when i went to take them. gay. i know. and the ONE picture i got before it died doesn't even show anything... just a window. BUT! the only thing left to frame is the garage, and the roof.once the garage is framed we'll be able to see what the house will look like from the front much better... after that it'll be done! the outside walls (except the garage) and the inside walls are all done. its SO fun to be able to walk around the house and actually see where all the rooms are going to be and how big my pantry and closet are. hahahah i made sure of it. Derek and his dad are doing a GREAT job and getting it done sooo fast. they are working so hard and have put in more than 80 hours of work this week... so far. thanks again for all you do for us! you two are amazing. I will take pictures tomorrow of everything that is done and make sure my camera is charged.. :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Framing has begun!

this week Derek and his dad took the week off work and are framing from sunrise to sunset. they are hoping to get it all pretty much done by next monday. They have gotten all of the load bearing walls in the basement done and the floors. Tomorrow they are planning on starting on the walls and get the trusses up sometime next week I think... but I could be wrong they are moving right along so I won't be surprised if they do it!