Sunday, November 4, 2012


Most fun Halloween YET! the kids did AWESOME! sophie ran with her friends the whole time and got a HUGE load of candy. Noah hit a few houses and was happy sitting in the stroller with a sucker. and Owen slept in the stroller the whole time. what a FUN Halloween.

1 month old Owen

I can't believe he is one month old. He's doing great! growing like a weed. over 9 lbs already. Got his first cold already, and LOVES to have parties with mom in the middle of the night.. me? not so much. He stays awake from like 2 to 4. it's exhausting. so we're hoping he changes that soon. Sophie and Noah are doing great. pushing every button known to man, but doing good. they have learned to play together a LOT better. it's SO nice. Starting to get the hang of this 3 kid thing. little by little ;)